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Gain weight; Like a King!

Weight-gaining nutrition.
People always wanted to have ideal body shape but less consider about getting healthy and ideal weight. Some have problems with excess weight while others have difficulties in gaining weight. 
Here are a few tips and tricks to gain weight. If your are very skinny and struggle to achieve your ideal weight, let's  practice this Like-A-King methods:

Breakfast like a king
Morning tea like a king

Lunch like a king

Afternoon tea like a king
Dinner like a king
Supper like a king
Weight Training like a kingkong.

Have a look at this!

  1. Being underweight makes you easily feeling full. Is this feeling causing you refuse to eat? Ignore it because you really need to eat!
  2. In case you feels like throwing out, have a drink first then continue eating. Don't pamper yourself!
  3. Increase carbohydrate intake using ratio 60:20:20 (Carbohydrate: Protein: Fat)
  4. If your really don't feel like eating, you may take mass gainer during snack time. (Only if you are too lazy!)
  5. Remember, every meal time is crucial. Do not skip meal!
  6. Get enough sleep! Tiredness tend to lose your appetite.
  7. If you intend to perform cardio workout or activities, make sure to consume more carbohydrates before training. This is to avoid weight loss.
  8. You may want to consider strength training. It helps to build your muscle and eventually increase your weight. Plus, increase your appetite.
  9. Make sure your digestion and excretion is very good! Eating without excreting will makes you feels bloating.
  10. At this point, if you are still unable to gain weight, do not give up! Keep trying and eat more frequent. How frequent? Eat five to six small meals may be helpful rather that only eat three large meals a day.
  11. After all the efforts you've done, yet no changes , you may need to go for health check-up. Possibilities to have worms in body is there. So, better go for check-up at nearby hospital or clinic.
These tips and tricks are based on experience inspired by dietitian, Mr. Mohd Khairul Azuan, a good-looking Mr. dietitian and a good trainer, plus modified a bit by me. Check out his page! Thank you to Mr. Khairul for this useful sharing.

P/s: comments and ideas for improvements are always welcome ^__^v

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